Smash your opponents with these 5 tips to up your game and make you a better player.


#1 Choose a target and aim for it

Keep the ball in play longer than your opponent can by practicing your strokes. The better your strokes, the better the control over where you want your ball to go.

To improve on your strokes, choose a target each time you hit, but don’t aim just to get your ball over the net. Choose targets that are challenging and specific. As your aim improves, gradually make those targets smaller so as to train your aim accuracy. Your ability to get the ball where you intend it to go will greatly improve your game and yourself as a player.

#2 Reduce unforced errors

An “unforced error” is when you miss a shot that you should have been able to return successfully, given the situation and your ability. Giving away points to your opponents through unforced errors makes it harder for you to win, and thus it is important to ensure that you minimise the number of unforced errors made.

In a game play situation, selecting and changing your stroke technique and aim can help minimise the risk of making unforced errors. Whether it is a fancy, hard-hitting stroke or a soft, defensive one, knowing the appropriate time to execute them can help improve your game tremendously.

#3 Be consistent

Ensuring consistency in your shots will help you avoid losing control and points. Make sure to keep your shots consistent before increasing the intensity of your swing. Once you are confident enough and can control your strokes consistently without missing, you can then increase your firepower and hit with more strength to beat your opponents.

#4 Make the best of your warm up

A good and fruitful warm up will ensure that both your mind and body are ready and prepped to begin the game the moment it starts. Keeping in mind the following objectives when warming up will help you make the most out of your warm up time.

Firstly, get your muscles warmed up to prevent injury. The best way to warm your muscles up is to have long rallies with your groundstrokes and try to keep the ball in play.

Secondly, practice all your different stroke techniques so you’ll feel confident in hitting your targets. Use short strokes, overheads and serves with a specific target each time to find your accuracy and consistency.

Thirdly, observe your opponent’s weaknesses. Hit the ball consistently right to your opponent and observe his level of consistency and accuracy. Notice your opponent’s choice between forehand and backhand to know which side of his is stronger.

Keeping all these in mind, you would have successfully intimidated your opponent with your consistency and accuracy as well as learn his or her weaknesses.

#5 Keep your footwork fancy

Besides training your technique, your agility and speed are also key to being a better player. Train your body to be prepared for quick and sudden movements, and to change direction and increase speed in a split second.

Practice sprinting short distances in varied directions to stimulate your movements on court. Sprint for 10-15 seconds, then rest for 10-15 seconds and repeat.

Increase agility by incorporating jumps and hops in your sprints so your body is able to increase sudden speed whenever you need to.


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