Ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own QLIPP Ultimate Tennis Performance Sensor?

Apart from being one of the lightest and most portable tennis sensor in the market currently, our sensor is also really, reallyeasy to use.


Here’s how our registered ‘twist and lock’ design allows you to easily attach our sensor onto any racquet you may have:

Step 1: Position the sensor along the last string.


Step 2: Twist it.


Step 3: Lock it by twisting the sensor fully in place.


And that is it!

With just three simple steps, our sensor will be securely attached to any racquet and ready to be used because we believe that while your workout should be hard, your performance shouldn’t be.

Once again, to stand a chance to walk away with a free demo set, sign up today at: http://qoo.ly/567f2!


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