With our Indiegogo campaign currently ongoing, we’re sure many of you might be curious as to what our QLIPP Ultimate Tennis Performance Sensor has in store for you!

We understand your concerns so we have been sending out our QLIPP sensors to coaches, bloggers and even YouTubers to review them :)

First of all, we have a video review by Peter Fryer, a tennis coach and player. Apart from being involved in tennis, he is also an active blogger and was also nominated for the ‘Best blogger’ title in the Northern Ireland Social Media Awards. Check out his blog here: http://lovetennisblog.com for your daily dosage of the latest tennis news!

Peter Fryer tested out our QLIPP sensor with himself and the players that he coach and we are glad to hear that they had an enjoyable time with it 🙂

If you want to improve your game, get your own QLIPP sensor today at : http://igg.me/at/qlipp . Be sure to catch our Wimbledon Special at a special price of only $85!

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