If you have been following us on Indiegogo, then this video would not be new to you. But if you have not, then here’s an additional feature that we believe you would enjoy when you have your own QLIPP sensor- the QLIPP Community!


Ever faced the problem of wanting to update your friends on your progress on the court but never knew how to? Or have you been wanting to know just how well you fare against the other tennis players that you have been rallying with?

Well, when you join the QLIPP Community, all those problems and more would be a thing of the past! Along with our video-recording function which is able to automatically analyze all your strokes and then save the data on your phone, you are now also able to upload and share all these data with everyone in the QLIPP Community!

Tracking your progress will now be easier than before when you get to benchmark yourself against the other players in the community through our QLIPP app :)

Close to half of our Wimbledon Special QLIPP sensors priced at US$84 have been sold, so grab the chance to get your QLIPP sensor now while you can!

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