It has been a week from our last post, which also means that we have less than a week left to the end of our campaign– 6 more days to be exact!


There are 64 more units under our featured QLIPP Wimbledon Special that are still available for you, so be sure to grab this deal before 2 August 2015 😉

At 116% funded currently, we have released several stretch goals just yesterday and we are sure that they will definitely be as exciting for you as they are for us.

Here’s a look at our newly released stretch goals:


With all the support and attention that you have given to us over this period, we are really excited to expand into these other areas as well so that even non tennis players will stand to benefit from our performance sensor 🙂 

That’s it for now, but do check our Indiegogo page regularly for the latest updates!

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