Minor Updates

Hi, understand that some of the backers have started receiving your QLIPP devices. There have been some queries that have consistently emerged and would like to address some of them here:

Complementary Rubber Worm Dampener

For our early bird units, we have included in the packaging a complementary worm dampener as a free gift to our early purchasers. So if you receive that in the packaging, thank you for supporting us in the early stages of the campaign.

Getting Started

Before you head out to the courts, please do look through our getting started page here:

Do be familiarized with the attaching of the unit to the tennis racquet, connecting it to the phone etc. You may want to try doing it before you get on court to save on court time.

Attaching QLIPP Device

I realize that the tutorial might be lacking in explaining how to attach the QLIPP device. We will be redoing another tutorial this coming week to improve on this.

Shipment Updates

For the rest of the backers, the units have already arrived in the warehouse last Tuesday and we have been pushing the forwarder to ship it as soon as possible. We will work with them fulfill the rest of the units as soon as possible.

Thank you all sincerely for your support. Do contact us at delivery@qlipp.com for delivery inquiries and technical@qlipp.com for technical inquiries.

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