What is QLIPP™ & Why You Need It

Find out how you can up your game with the Ultimate tennis performance sensor

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Ready to take your training up a notch?  Meet QLIPP™, a powerful award-winning technology that records and analyzes your every move with effortless precision. Push past your plateaus and smash goals that you didn’t even know were possible.

QLIPP™ , the Ultimate Tennis Performance Sensor allows you to record video playback and track your stats with its 3D motion analytics so you can analyse your every stroke and immediately improve on it.

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It reports ball speed, sweet spot accuracy, and backhand, slice and overhand efforts so you can analyse every aspect of your game. You can even set it to call out stats while playing, or take slow-motion video playback of every single serve and stroke so you can launch yourself from routine practice to peak performance.

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Weighing only 8g, it is the lightest tennis performance sensor so you will barely feel it on your racket, and is the only kind of performance sensor that attaches easily to any tennis racket with just a twist and lock, minimising the hassle and saving you loads of time to focus on your game. It also acts as a dampener, which all tennis players know is important in reducing the vibration of the strings when the ball is struck as well as altering the annoying ‘ping’ sound.

Still wondering how exactly it works? Watch the teaser video here:

This June, QLIPP™ is going into crowdfunding and we’ll need your support: Click here to pre-order QLIPP™ at a discounted early-bird rate and to sign up for our mailing list to get exclusive QLIPP™ updates first-hand!

Are you fast enough for QLIPP™? Find out more about QLIPP™, the Ultimate Tennis Performance Sensor here.

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