QLIPP Trials with TennisHub

With the official release happening in mid June and to keep the hype going, QLIPP™ has invited various tennis enthusiasts for a couple of trial sessions to try out the sports sensor.

Stuart Daw, a tennis coach from ProDoozy felt that the weight and the size of the QLIPP™ sensor was perfect and commented that “the stroke by stroke real time capability allows me to drill down to every single stroke.”


A couple of novice tennis players were among the participants who took part in the trial sessions and after trying out the sensor for a few sessions, they feedbacked, “I never knew how I was playing. Now I can go back home after the game and slowly analyze and find out how my game was. I can even take this data to a coach and have him tell me what I should be doing to improve it.”


Another beginner player also remarked that QLIPPhad helped her realise her shortcomings after the sensor had analysed her strokes after a session. “I found out that most of my ground strokes are very flat. In fact when I asked the coach she told me that I should try to incorporate some topspins into my game, so that I can hit hard and keep the ball in the court.”

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