Slow Motion Video Playback

Did you know that QLIPP also has a Slow Motion Video Playback function?

To get that perfect stroke, tennis players have to acquire the right posture, footwork, the amount of spin, the tilt of the racquet and so much more all at once. As tennis players ourselves, we understand just how difficult and frustrating it can be when your efforts do not show on the court.

With our Slow Motion Video Playback, not only are you able to replay your strokes, you are also able to analyze them in great detail by watching all your strokes in slow motion.

With this, you will be able to pinpoint the areas of flaws that you never know you had and work on them.

Our slow-motion feature allows you to slow down your strokes by half to an eighth of its original speed so that every single detail will be made visible to you.

QLIPP slow mo 1 QLIPP slow mo 2 QLIPP slow mo 3

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