Production process of QLIPP™

With QLIPP™’s pre-orders currently ongoing on the website, we have received enquiries regarding the shipment of the final products. We are happy to announce that QLIPP™ will be released to the public market during the 3rd quarter of 2015, and we will be sharing the production process of QLIPP™.

Manufacturing process
Manufacturing process: assembly of product

A typical manufacturing cycle of a QLIPP™ sensor involves a design verification testing (DVT) run, which includes electrical DVT, followed by FCC CE certification and mechanical DVT. A DVT run is carried out on every QLIPP™ sensor to ensure that components are assembled well and electronic parts work as expected. The FCC CE certification ensures that QLIPP™ is regulated for use in the country, and that it will not interfere with other devices to allow for optimal performance.

Electronic DVT testing step

Production is expected to be completed during mid-year and shipping is targeted to begin from June. If you want to be the first few in the world to lay your hands on the QLIPP™ sensor, please head to and pre-order yours today.

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