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QLIPP™ successfully debuted at the ISPO Munich Trade Show


QLIPP™ has made a successful debut at the ISPO Munich Trade Show, which took place from 5th to 8th February 2015. At QLIPP™’s exhibition booth, exhibition goers were not just only introduced to the product, but they were also able to try out the Ultimate Tennis Performance Sensor by using a QLIPP™-enabled racquet to hit a mounted tennis ball, and view their results in real time.


QLIPP™’s booth attracted a wide range of audience, varying from tennis coaches and players, to distributors and also people who possessed an interest in the sport or the innovative technology. The audience was intrigued by the technology showcased at the booth, which was an eye-opener to most of them who had never seen such a demonstration before.


Throughout the duration of the ISPO Munich Trade Show, QLIPP™ garnered attention from the press and also managed to attract a number of pre-orders. For those who did not manage to place their pre-orders during the trade show, fret not. Online pre-orders are still ongoing at https://www.qlipp.com/.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came down and showed their support for QLIPP™ during the ISPO Munich Trade Show.